Project Deck and More in a Beautiful Neighborhood

We understand that not everyone will want every bell and whistle and add-on that often goes into a “magazine feature” deck. While we never do cheap, inferior decks, we also don’t want you to think you have to have a ‘blow the doors off’ budget to work with us. For this Project our client wanted to refresh the look of her Beautiful Brooklyn Home wit new Materials, why keeping the old style and charm of her home.

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After we saw her old deck we knew we would have to recreate it from the ground up.

By using large pressure treated board we ensure that the deck will last far longer than the old that came before it

We also built out a new Beautiful White Vinyl fence to replace the old decrepit on that used to be there

Our Project Process

Once you’ve approved plans , we take care of all the necessary steps. We order product, deal with HOAs and permits, and anything else necessary. You will not be asked to manage any part of the project.

Many deck contractors struggle to deliver a good service experience. This is due to the fact that they have such a small team. It’s hard to be good at everything and to have the time to do it all.

That’s why Tri-State Custom Decks has built a strong team. Everyone has a specific role that they are a true expert in. Designers do what they’re good at – designing. Project managers stick to their expertise – keeping projects on track. Installers focus on their craftsmanship.

Homeowners tell us they love this. Not only does it lead to better results, it also makes the whole experience much more pleasant.

Beautiful decks don’t have to break the bank You can have stunning results while maintain your Budget! When Choosing your Deck consider your Materials. We recommend Composite Such as Trex for low maintainece and a long life! We used their Winchester Grey in this Project, but your options are limitless!